Edward Underhill1

ID #25942, (1512-b 1575)
FatherThomas Underhill1 b. 1485, d. 1520
MotherAnne Wynter1 b. 1485, d. 1545
Relationship12th great-granduncle of Linda Sargent
     Edward Underhill was born in 1512, in Hunningham, Warwickshire, England.1 He was usually called Edward the Hot Gospeller Underhill.1 He married Joan Perrynes in 1545 in London, England.1 He tried to assassinate Queen Mary I of Scotland but failed, probably on a secret order from Elizabeth Tudor, later the Queen of England but it's not certain. Edward was placed in the Tower of London and was imprisoned until his release upon the ascension of Elizabeth as Queen.1 Edward and Joan had eleven children.1 Edward Underhill died b 1575 in Barginton, Warwickshire, England.1
     Most prominent of his party—which was Puritan of the Puritans—was Edward Underhill of Honyngham, the Hot Gospeller. His history was a singular one. Left an heir and an orphan at a very early age, he had begun life as a riotous reveller. Soon after he reached manhood, God touched his heart—by what agency is not recorded. Then he “fell to reading the Scriptures and following the preachers,”—throwing his whole soul into the service of Christ, as he had done before into that of Satan. Had any person acquainted with the religious world of that day been asked, on the outbreak of Queen Mary’s persecution, to name the first ten men who would suffer, it is not improbable that Edward Underhill’s name would have been found somewhere on the list. But, to the astonishment of all who knew his decided views, and equally decided character, he had survived the persecution, with no worse suffering than a month spent in Newgate, and a tedious illness as the result. Nor was this because he had either hidden his colours, or had struck them. Rather he kept his standard flying to the breeze, and defied the foe. No reason can be given for his safety, save that still the God of Daniel could send His angel and shut the lions’ mouths, that they should do His prophets no hurt.

On the accession of Elizabeth, Underhill returned for a short time to his London home in Wood Street, Cheapside; but die soon went back to the family seat in Warwickshire, where he had since lived as a country squire.

----this is from a novel by Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893 ) called Clare Avery. The quote is from chapter 13.2

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