John Underhill

ID #4740, (1597-1672)
FatherJohn Edward Underhill b. circa 1574, d. 1608
MotherHonor Pawley1 b. 1575, d. 18 Dec 1658
Relationship9th great-grandfather of Linda Sargent
John Underhill
     John Underhill was born on 7 Oct 1597, in Baginton, Warwickshire, England.2 He married Helena Heijlken de Hooch on Tuesday, 12 Dec 1628 in the Hague, Netherlands.3 John immigrated on 7 Apr 1630 He was called Capt. John Von der Hyl by the Dutch. He accompanied Winthrop to America, sailing from Yarmouth on 7 April. 14 May 1630 sworn as freeman. 26 Jul 1630 one of the earliest acts of the new government was the appointing of the first Thuirsday of every month as a general training day with Capt. John Underhill's company at Boston. 27 Aug 1630 he signed the covenant as one of the founders of the first church at Charlestown. 28 Sep 1630 the court ordered that £50 should be paid for the manning of the militia of Capt. Underhill and Capt. Patrick companies. 1631 he was on list of Boston town records. 25 Oct 1631 he went with Governor Winthrop and other officers to the launching of a barque at Mystic called "The Blessing of the Bay'. 1634 Deputy to the general Court of New Hampshire aiding in deposing Winthrop. 1636 In War against the Indians 1637 sent as commander of the Colony of Saybrook 1637 Battle on Mystic Hill 1637 was a Southold 20 Nov 1637 chosen to represent the court at Boston 2 Feb sent to Saybrook. 1638 returned to England where he published a book called "News from America"/ 1638 returned to America and chosen Governor of Dover New Hampshire. 1640 Greenwich CT settled by John Underhill 1642 moved to Hattandr(?) 1641 at Hempstead 1642 was among the fathers of the new settlement in Wamped (?) Harbor 1642 had to sit on the "Stool of Repentance" 1643 Slew 500 Indians 1643 moved to Flushing 1644 signed the treaty of Bowling Green 1648 appointed sherif by the Dutch 1648-49 one of the 8 men to assist the Governor of New Netherlands 1653 hoisted the colors of Parliament. The attached portrait has been determined to be a fake. It is a copy of a Van Dyke portrait of Viscount Stafford.4 1655 settled at Oyster Bay 1657 at Southold LI 1665 delegate to Hempstead 1665 delegate to Oyster Bay 1665 appointed high sherif 14 Mar 1667 dischartged from military duty 1667 Date of Indian deed. His wife Helena died in 1658 in Southold, Long Island, New York, leaving him a widower.1 John Underhill married Elizabeth Feake, daughter of Robert Feake and Elizabeth Ann Fones, in 1659 in Flushing, New York.5 John Underhill died on 21 Jul 1672 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, at age 74.1

Family 1

Helena Heijlken de Hooch b. 1 Oct 1597, d. 1658

Family 2

Elizabeth Feake b. 1633, d. 1674
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