Benjamin Child

ID #815, (1631-1678)
FatherBenjamin Child1 b. 1 Sep 1592, d. 1634
MotherSarah Shenton1 b. 20 Mar 1608, d. 1685
Relationship8th great-grandfather of Linda Sargent
     Benjamin Child was born on 15 Jan 1631, in Aughton, England.1 He was baptized on 15 Jan 1632 in Cottesbach, Leicestershire, England.1 Benjamin immigrated Supposed to have been a nephew of Ephraim Child of Watertown with whom he probably came to America. He married Mary Bowen, daughter of Griffith Bowen and Margaret Fleming, c 1653. Benjamin and Mary lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Benjamin Child died on 14 Oct 1678 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, at age 471, and was buried in Roxbury, Massachusetts.1 Inventory of his estate was taken. Benjamin was a wealthy man. Inventory of his estate: £506.
A house and barne: £80,
80 acres of Land conveniently adjoining to the 3d housing: £320,
12 acres in the thousand acres: £3,
2 cows at 50s per cow and more at 40s, 2 yearling heifers at 40s 9 pence,
One horse and a mare at 40s each and one sow at 16s,
Money in the House and in good hands,
In the parlor: 3 silver spoons and one wine cup,
One standing ----with curtains, valines, old rug, 2 blankets, bolster and pillow,
One trundle bedstead with a feather bed, bolster, blankets and covering
One old court cupboard, 10xs, 3 chests 20s,
8 pair sheets at 8s,
3 fine Table cloths, being worne 10s,11 napkins 7s, 3 pair pillow bears 10s,
All his wearing clothes, woolen & linen, shoes, stockings, and hats,
One carbine 12s, one fowling piece 18s, one Rapier 5s,
Parlor chamber: one feather bed and a flock bed under it, with bolsters to them and pillows to the feather bed, 2 old blankets and an old Rug,
10 lb of Flax,
In the Kitchin: Brass 4 10s, Pewtar 35s spoons & tinners ware 3s, fire pan-tongs, 1 old dpit, 2 pair tramels, an old frying pan, an old Iron pot and two pair of poot hooks,
A kneading trough 2s, and old table 2s, 2 chaires and a woolen wheln 4s.
A powdering tubb, butter churn, old pailes, wooden bottle, trenchers and other Lumber,
Bridle and saddle 7s, an axe and a bill 3s,
A cart with shod wheels (3 years old), tackling for horses draught and a piece of an old timber chain,
An acre and halfe of salt marsh,
5 1/2 acres of Land at the pond plains,
One Horse more.2


Mary Bowen b. 1635, d. 31 Oct 1707
ChartsAncestors of Joseph Bradford Sargent
Samuel F B Morse and the Sargents

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